The Best & Worst of Both Worlds

“You are so lucky” … “You get to have it all” … “I wish I had a work-from-home job”

These are phrases that I hear ALL the time as a work-from-home mama. Now, don’t get me wrong… I agree with them. From one perspective, I definitely have a sweet deal getting to stay at home with my amazing 21 month old instead of having her go to daycare. I also get to work from home and bring in money. I am beyond blessed with an employer who is supportive of my working from home with my daughter. I am allowed to work as many hours as I want (between 20-30/week) whenever is convenient for me. As long as I get the job done, I can do it on my own time. In other words, my boss is AMAZING.

But there is another side to the whole WFH mom gig, and it can be tough at times. There are days that I feel like I am running around like a crazy person and still getting nothing done. Most of my nights I go to bed thinking that I wish I had squeezed in another hour of work or another hour of playtime (without TV) with my daughter. Or, on the days I excel with thosethings, I realize that my house isn’t nearly as clean as I like it, or that I didn’t have time to make a good dinner. I will preface this by saying all these thoughts are in my OWN head. My husband is really supportive and always thinks I am doing a great job (even if he is not quite psychic enough to know that I desperately need him to do the laundry some nights). He is very glad that I can keep our baby at home and still work when she is napping or occupied.

The problem is… ME. I feel like I should be channeling all of the luckiness of my situation into being Super Mom/Wife/Employee/Housekeeper and accomplishing everything and more on my daily to-do lists. Some days I feel like I’m a Jack of all Mom/Wife/Employee/Housekeeper trades and a Master of None.

Yet, I wouldn’t trade my situation for anything. It’s exhausting and I’m still getting the hang of it… but I know that one day, I am going to get that dang to-do list done if its the last thing I do 🙂         <insert evil laugh>


So, what about you other work-from home mamas? I would love to know your thoughts!



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